Laser Hair Removal (Brazilian Bikini + Underarms Package)
Floating Lotus NYC

Laser Hair Removal (Brazilian Bikini + Underarms Package)

$499.00 USD $900.00 USD

All of the experienced and certified laser specialists at Floating Lotus are also NYS licensed estheticians. You will first receive a consultation, during an analysis of your particular skin and hair type will be performed. All of our laser treatment options and the removal process will be explained.

Floating Lotus uses advanced, FDA approved, Cynosure lasers. One of the world’s largest and most respected manufacturer of laser hair removal equipment, utilizing a combination of IPL, Alexandrite, and ND-YAG laser technology. This allows for a wide variety of settings for each individual skin type and skin tone.

Our unique treatment is almost completely painless due to the quality of our Laser technology and a state of the art cooling device that numbs and lowers skin temperature before the laser hits.

Most of our clients see 70-90% permanent reduction in hair within 3-6 treatments.

Included in this package: 3 laser sessions of full Brazilian and Underarms.

(Areas in this package can be substituted for any small or medium area.  Areas must be selected during the first session.)