Level 1 Radiant Aging Embodiment with Anne Ribolow
Floating Lotus NYC

Level 1 Radiant Aging Embodiment with Anne Ribolow

$100.00 USD

Step into Anne Ribolow’s Radiant Aging program with this dynamic, transformational and empowering one day workshop. This is for women of all ages, from all walks of life, wanting the practical means to ride the wave of life with buoyancy, abundance, grace, optimum health and vibrancy.


Together, as a group, we will move through Anne’s Radiant Aging program, beginning with her typical daily routine for over 20 years. Shared with you will be:


~ Nutritional guidance and personal recipes.

~ Age reversing movement.

~ Meditation

~ Balancing daily massage 

~ Accessible yoga that you can incorporate into your home or class practice


This is a methodology to integrate, align and rejuvenate your own unique body, mind and spirit, creating optimal health, vitality and radiance!
You will come away from the life changing teachings of Radiant Aging equipped with the tools to nurture, cultivate, honor and celebrate your own unique spirit, to radiantly journey through this magnificent gift of life.


Anne Ribolow, now in her 60’s, born in New Zealand, is now based in New York City. She is a Mother of two, and a Grandmother. She is a yoga teacher, dancer, surfer, a masseuse, acupressurist, shamanic practitioner and nutritional councilor. Anne is the founder of Radiant Aging and currently teaches Radiant Aging workshops worldwide, also working with clients individually in person, or over video.


Wear comfortable clothing for movement

Bring a notepad


Early bird special $100, $135 after June 4th