One month Unlimited Yoga and a Free Morning Float
Floating Lotus NYC

One month Unlimited Yoga and a Free Morning Float

$89.00 USD $229.00 USD

There is nothing like practicing yoga under the clear blue sky or the evening stars over NYC. February is the time to become a member and strengthen your body and mind for the coming spring.

Join, renew or extend a monthly membership now for only $89 with unlimited monthly classes. Additionally, you will receive a free Post-yoga Float after any morning or afternoon class. This unique treatment helps to integrate all of the joint opening and postural alignment of your yoga practice.

Floatation therapy also extends and enhances the meditative spirit that we feel after class. To learn more about floating click here.  

Why Floating Lotus Studio?
* Members receive unlimited classes per month
* Choose from a variety of classes: vinyasa, restorative, meditation or movement
* Morning, afternoon and evening classes available
* Devoted and experienced team of yoga instructors provide an abundance of hands-on corrections and adjustments
* Free mats and tea

This is for a single month of unlimited yoga and meditation classes and a free 60 min float session.